Ironing Blanket (Grey) (21.75"W x 28.25"L) Review

Ironing Blanket (Grey) (21.75W x 28.25L)
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This product does what it's supposed to do, but I did not like the fact that the top fabric was not sewn tightly enough onto the backing, so it bunches up - especially near the edges. While ironing, I had to shift my clothes, etc. away from the bunched up areas and that made it harder to use. I also would have appreciated a more "sticky" backing as it slides around a bit while you're ironing.

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Look fresh on the road or at home with a handy ironing blanket. This iron blanket works as an ironing board cover and pad, without the bulky board! Keep one in the car for emergencies, or tuck away in a drawer at home for last minute ironing jobs! Made carefully with heat resistant fabric and non-slip foam backing. You'll always have freshly ironed clothes - no matter where you are - thanks to this Ironing Blanket. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required.

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