DryMate Bamboo Weave 18 x 20 Inch Kitchen Dry Mat Review

DryMate Bamboo Weave 18 x 20 Inch Kitchen Dry Mat
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I really need my counter space and I have a dish washer so I used to lay dishtowels on the counter for hand washed items. They were easy to remove and store if I needed extra counter space and fill up the counter visually when they were laying there without dishes. A typical dish rack takes up a lot counter space and where do you put it when it's not needed? Also, they are always made with plates in mind, making less room for other items. I have a dishwasher and plates are one thing a dishwasher cleans well. I don't put pots and pans in my dishwasher. 1) They take up too much room 2) If they're crusty dirty my dishwasher won't really clean them (If yours will, please me know the brand!) 3) If they were used for something simple like boiling pasta water, or heating a can of soup - cleaning them literally takes 30 seconds for a squirt of soap and a rinse. I need a spot to set them until I can give them a quick swipe with a towel and put them away again. So for me, the empty, bulky dish drainer uses more counter space than it's worth.
These mats are absorbant and (I think) more attractive than most. I have a New England Cape Cod Country style home and use lots of wooden bowls and crocks etc. My counters are black soapstone and the wood color and design on these mats blends right in. They almost look like a cutting board, rather than a white towel on the counter. I really like this mat. I only bought 1 to try and now that I know how great they are, I can't find more!

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Prevent water stains and add an organic look to your kitchen with the bamboo weave kitchen dry mat. This mat can soak up to five times its weight in water so you don't end up with stains on your counter tops. DryMate's patented Zorb-Tech anti-flow technology prevents water from soaking through the mat and damaging the surface underneath. When it does get dirty simply toss it in the washing machine to clean. Made of natural and recycled materials, this mat is durable and can be easily rolled up for storage.

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