Septic Protector Filtrol 160TM Review

Septic Protector Filtrol 160TM
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I have a newer GE profile top load washer and with a standard standpipe and I could not use this device. My stand pipe is only about 6 inches below the top of the washer so I had to mount the Filtrol 160 so the top of the unit was about 60" high to put the bottom discharge hose of the Filtrol slightly above the stand pipe.
After I installed the unit I found that the water would come flooding back into the wash tub after the final spin cycle completed. Which of course soaked the clothes. I guess the pump can't handle the height of the Filtrol 160.
I think if you have a lower stand pipe or use a sink to drain your washer it would work. I would steer clear if you have a standard height drain pipe. My washer and dryer fit snugly in a small laundry closet so I don't have room to bust out the wall and lower the standpipe, there would be no room to mount the Filtrol unit lower anyway.
After I unhooked the unit my washer is back to working like new.

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Washing machines are a leading cause of septic system failures. A typical family washing machine produces enough lint every year to carpet a living room floor! Lint screens and nylon socks trap less than 5% of these particles. These small, light particles don't settle in the septic tank. Instead, they in suspension and are flushed out to the drain field, where they plug up the pores of the soil bed. To compound the problem, much of our clothing is now made of non-biodegradable, synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon. Once these synthetic materials enter the drain field, there is no way to remove them. The Septic Protector is the only product which can eliminate this problem and has been featured on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX and in Mother Earth News, Family Handyman and numerous other publications. The Filtrol 160TM washing machine lint trap is the only filter designed to remove these damaging particles before they go down the drain and damage your system. The Filtrol 160TM is a patented, re-useable, in line filter that you attach to your washing machine discharge hose that protects your septic system.The Filtrol 160TM comes with extra hose, clamps, fittings, and a mounting bracket for easy installation (you supply the 2 screws that hold the bracket on the wall). Most homeowners can install the unit in 10-15 minutes. It comes with a bracket for mounting on the wall near the washing machine. These are examples of typical installations, however, because not all laundry rooms are the same you may have to modify your set-up.

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