Microfiber Magic Sponge- 5 Piece Pack Review

Microfiber Magic Sponge- 5 Piece Pack
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Great product! I use mine in the kitchen and they don't hold a musty odor like regular dish rags do, and can be used over and over since they are machine washable. The abrasive side works like a scowering pad and it doesn't damage my pots. I've been using the same sponge for 5 months (machine washed every week) and it still looks brand new. Definitely worth the money.

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Microfiber Magic Sponge 5 Piece PackClean faster, easier and better without chemicals! Two sides of cleaning power- Grime buster side for caked on foods, sticky messes, tough grease, mold and mildew and soft textured side for spills, dishes,soap scum, bathtubs, scuff marks and more!Loosens, lifts and traps dirt, moisture and ultra-fine particles that traditional sponges leave behind.Healthier- reduces the need for chemical cleanersSaves money- On disposable sponges/scouring pads, paper towels, chemical cleaners and more. Use over and over. just toss in the dishwasher to clean!Great for:Kitchen Bathroom outdoors AutoSet comes with:4 x Standard Sponges (3.75" x 5")1 x Jumbo Sponge (4.5" x 6.5")

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