LG : WM0742HGA 27 XL Front-Load Steam Washer - Pearl Grey Review

LG : WM0742HGA 27 XL Front-Load Steam Washer - Pearl Grey
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I was reluctant to make the move from a top-loading washer to a front-loader, mainly because of the horror stories I'd heard from other moms about mildew issues in front-loading machines. I'm glad I made the change, because this LG Steamwasher is terrific. There are a wide variety of load options and times, from a quick rinse and spin to a allergy-fighting steam clean. It has a big enough interior to wash a 5x7 rug or a king-sized comforter. The barrel is stainless steel.
Unless it is really dirty, most regular home laundry can be done on a short 30 minute cycle. The machine weighs the clothes once the door is shut and determines the appropriate amount of water for the cycle. A full load in this front-loader is about double the wash capacity of our old top-loading machine...so I spend a lot less time in the laundry room and more time with my family.
Detergent, bleach, prewash and fabric softener are added through an easy-to-reach door on top of the machine. Since it is a front-loader this machine does require a low-sudsing detergent formulated for a "he" (high efficiency) washer; the good news is, HE detergents cost about the same as regular detergents, but you will use a fraction of the amount a top-loading machine needs. On a standard 30-minute wash cycle with a full load of clothes, I use about three tablespoons of detergent and a tablespoon of liquid fabric softener.
There are a few things to get used to: unlike a top loader where you can open the lid after the machine is filling and throw in a few extras, for a front loader it is necessary to pause the cycle and wait for the auto door lock to disengage (this takes about 5 seconds). Once the last load of the day is finished, mildew issues can be avoided by wiping the front seal and inner door with a paper towel. I generally also leave the door open for an hour after the last load is finished to facilitate any additional water evaporation.
The best part is, our water bills have plummeted. Our top-loading machine used an average of 40 gallons per load (20 for the wash, 20 more for the rinse cycle). The LG Steamcleaner uses about 12 total, and the laundry load capacity has doubled. Be sure you have a solid subfloor if you are considering this machine; it has an industrial weight motor which is extremely heavy and requires stability for its spin cycle, which can reach 1200 RPM. This machine is Energy Star rated.

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Innovative digital products and services offered by LG Electronics enrich your life, making it more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable. Through strong research and development in appliances and information technologies, LG Electronics has elevated the way appliances are used in daily life. Saving time, enhancing organization, improving food preservation, lengthening fabric life, and optimizing valuable space are just some of the many ways that our products benefit consumers. It's no wonder that LG Electronics is the top seller of appliances in over twenty countries. Front load washers are highly energy and water efficient. They require approximately 3/4 less water than Top Loaders. All of their washing machines have the Energy Star rating. The power of TrueSteam penetrates fabrics for enhanced cleaning performance and also reduces allergens by more than 95% with LG's exclusive Allergiene cycle.

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