Griptex Comfort 17 by 36-Inch Bath Mat Review

Griptex Comfort 17 by 36-Inch Bath Mat
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... But does not stay in place when you step into the shower. Plus, and this is the only way I can describe this, if you've ever had a roomate that left the sponge in the bottom of the kitchen sink and it got all slimy & gross, this is how I can describe what it feels like to step onto the mat about an hour after my husband showers and it's cold and still damp. Like you're stepping on that slimy gross kitchen sponge. It's enough to make you ill. It's the only things that I can compare it to. In addition, if you can even get past that aspect, the material squishes and bunches so much that you can feel the suction cups under your feet as though you're standing on speedbumps. I don't think that we'll be keeping it long enough to find out whether it's truly mildew resistant. All the manufacturer did was stick suction cups to the bottom of the puffy shelf liner that exists for kitchen cabinets. (the one that doesn't let you slide the dishes/glasses into the cabinet) Funny part is, it doesn't move at all in the cabinets, while you're airborne in the shower. A HUGE disappointment.

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This soft bath mat from Griptex is made from PVC, or vinyl, and it is naturally anti-microbial and latex free. The mat measures 17 by 36 inches for ample room on which to step or lie in the tub. Held securely in place by 54 suction cups, the mat earned Good Housekeeping's seal of approval. The mat is available in a wide array of colors for easy accessorizing, and it is easy to clean in the washing machine. The bath mat can also be used in hot tubs and whirlpools.

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