Boppy Luxe Slipcover- Blue Review

Boppy Luxe Slipcover- Blue
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We purchased this cover for our baby boys boppy about 2 months ago because I loved the pastel velvet material and the fact that you can take it off and wash it. It has held up great so far and its really nice and soft for the baby to lay on. The cover fits over any boppy and zips around it very nice. Even if you have a boppy, buy the cover and give it a makeover and its alot easier to wash the cover than the whole boppy! This cover is a must no matter if you are nursing or bottle feeding You and your baby will love this cover when you feel how soft it is!

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Your baby will love the silky feel of Boppy's new Blue Velvet Luxe Slipcover. It fits perfectly on the Boppy Bare Naked or even on a Boppy you already own. It's the perfect gift for any new mother. The Bare Naked Boppy is sold seperately.

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