Ahh-Some Jetted Bath Bio & Pipe Gunk Cleaner (2oz) - 12 Cleanings/Applications @ $1.75/Cleaning Review

Ahh-Some Jetted Bath Bio and Pipe Gunk Cleaner (2oz) - 12 Cleanings/Applications @ $1.75/Cleaning
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In French or English, this stuff is formidable against any of the gunk growing in your jetted bath tub. For 6 years I tried everything to clean my tub's system, only to share my bath with some nasty looking pieces of algae. Dishwasher detergent, white vinegar, bleach-- nothing worked until Ahh-Some Jetted Bath BIO & Gunk Cleaner. I was appalled and amazed at the amount of gunk that was purged from my tub using just ONE TEASPOON of the product. At long last I have found the answer to at least one of life's challenges. My little jar of Ahh-Some takes its place alongside all my essential bath time amenities.

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Ahh-Some Jetted Tub Bio Cleaner (2oz)

Ahh-Some Jetted Tub Bio Cleaner (2oz) The most effective bio cleaner for jetted tubs, Whirlpool Tubs, Jacuzzi Spas, American Standard Baths, etc. This 2oz bio cleaner container has a minimum of 12 teaspoons cleanings and with an average of one jetted tub cleaning per week, you have enough to spare for some good initial cleanings and still have enough for one year.

There are millions of jetted bathtubs in the USA that are literally breeding grounds for bacteria, bio-film waste and other contaminants that are you and your family should be aware of. Sad to say but many of the manufacturers really don't inform their customers as to what the potential hazards of simply bathing in a jetted tub that is not cleaned or purged on a regular basis. Many of these same manufacturers are advising customers to clean their jetted tubs or whirlpool baths with products that really don't work that well, and sometimes, even make the situation worse.

The Ahh-Some Bio Cleaner products use a proprietary mixture of unique properties that are used in everyday products. The product is environmentally safe, and considered green. It is safe for humans, people swim and relax in the bio cleaner (hot tubs & pools) and is great for septic systems since it continues to work in the home piping and septic tank, breaking down particles.

The Ahh-Some bio cleaner combats microbials, algae and mold quite effectively, has water clarification properties, water conditioning and reacts to, in the case of the Jetted Tub Bio Cleaner fast moving water which creates the foaming and scraping action.

All of this and still plenty safe for all of us.

It's Science, Not Magic.

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