Washing Machine Inline Water Filter Review

Washing Machine Inline Water Filter
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Purchased this item and right out of the bag its threads were stripped and would not fit onto the fittings. Made very cheap and not even worth the money they want. Some might be OK but I have talked with others that got the same and all of theirs were bad also. DO NOT BUY

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Washing Machine Inline Water Filter. Traps sediment before it reaches the washing machine inlet valve screen. Allows water to run freely. Eliminates the need to clean the inlet valve screen. Washing machine Filter houseing is built out of a carefully designed mold of polypropylene material, with a 5 stage gradual filtration process. Filter traps 98% of solides of 25 micron in size or larger. Filter Life: 2-3 months for new Wells, 3-6 months for existing Wells without a Whole House Filtration System, 6 months for public water of homes with a Whole House Filter.

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