Maytag Performance Series MEDE200XW 27 6.7 cu. Ft. Front-Load Electric Dryer - White Review

Maytag Performance Series MEDE200XW 27 6.7 cu. Ft. Front-Load Electric Dryer - White
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Bought this front-loading dryer as a pair with the Maytag MHWE200XW washer for our newly constructed basement laundry room (replacing 17-year-old Maytags that were working fine and readily found a new home).
In addition to updating our old units to modern, energy-efficient front-loaders, we selected this pair for (a) their stack-ability, a must to fit our small room, (b) their overall stacked height of 72" - the only pair we found that would meet our height clearances (most others were 78-79"), and (c) the side-venting option, another must due to our no-rear-clearance situation. This pair also turned out to be the cheapest in this category, and the washer had several good reviews, despite being a new model, and despite reading about Maytag quality taking a downturn a few years back. (The brand is now owned by Whirlpool and quality & reliability seem to be back up to par with Whirlpool appliances).
Redirecting the exhaust to the left side vent turned out to be a DIY project, with no instructions about what parts were needed or how to install available anywhere -- installation guide, the web, or even Maytag Customer Service. The Maytag Side Venting Kit (Item # 1456003) was not available anywhere locally, and an online purchase plus ground shipping totaled ~ $65. Instead, I purchased two elbow pipes and two 4" clamps from Home Depot ($10), and reused the large exhaust pipe and the knock-out plug already installed in the unit.
Installing turned out to be relatively easy, involving removal of the lower front panel (two exposed screws on the bottom front) to access the screw connecting the exhaust pipe to the exhaust fan assembly, and removing a dozen screws to remove the top and then rear panel to access the space where the exhaust direction needed to be changed. I cut 7" off the 23" standard exhaust pipe, clamped on one elbow set to turn 90 degrees, clamped on the second elbow set to go "straight" (needed an 7" straight section and the elbow set to straight was 8" and worked great), drilled a ?" hole at the end of the straight elbow through which to thread the sheet metal screw to tie it back into the fan assembly, and put the new pipe assembly into place. To secure it in place to the bottom of the dryer, I used a 2" metal angle bracket, bent slightly to match the curvature where it met the pipe. A small sheet metal screw secured it to the pipe and another sheet metal screw secured it to the bottom, through the ready-made hole meant for the side-vent kit pipe with the attached bracket. Finally I duct-taped the removed "knock-out" to cover the now exposed rear hole. The whole process took me a about 3 hours, designing on-the-fly (with these instructions, it should be an hour's job for a relatively handy homeowner with basic tools).
The last adjustment was replacing the 3-prong 220v outlet with the newer 4-prong type ($6) that now includes a ground wire (some quick googling provided the correct wiring and voltage-checking approach). This eliminated the need for a separate water pipe-grounded wire required by code and made for a neater and updated power installation. It was an even exchange to substitute the 3-wire cable I'd purchased with the 4-wire one.
HD delivery then returned to complete the installation, including the wiring, hoses, leveling and stacking (I could have done that but this way if there are any post-install operating problems HD will take responsibility to make it right).
Both appliances are now installed and working! The washer is very quiet during the wash cycle, quiet enough during hi-speed spin, very stable (no "walking") and low vibration, just as advertized. The wash cycles we've tried are turning out very clean clothes. The dryer is similarly quiet, nearly vibration-free, very stable atop the washer, venting to the side nicely, and is drying clothes just great. (I leave the subtleties on laundry operation to my wife, but she seems quite happy with the pair).
Overall so far: 5 stars; am not discounting for the lack of side-vent instructions.

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