Honey-Can-Do Heavy-Duty Triple Laundry Sorter, Chrome/White Review

Honey-Can-Do Heavy-Duty Triple Laundry Sorter, Chrome/White
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I have purchased many laundry sorters in the past that need to be replaced every year it seems. The Honey-Can-Do SRT-01235 Chrome Heavy-Duty Triple Laundry Sorter, Chrome/White is by far the best and the last one I will have to purchase for some time. The problem I ran into with the last sorters was the metal rods would bend, start rusting and I was always re-screwing the joints since the rods would loosen up causing the cart to be wobbly. This sorter is crafted with heavy chrome that has some weight making the unit sturdy and very easy to push and pull without the worry of it being unsteady. The wheels are not the top of the line but much better than what I expected. The wheels do have a latch to lock the wheels in place when you want to make the cart stationery. The laundry bags are a perfect size, made of a thick cotton and easy to remove and wash since the metal handles slide right out of them. Excellent buy and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality laundry sorter that is not going to "drop" and fall apart on you.

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With its streamlined design and commercial-grade construction, Honey-Can-Do's Heavy-Duty Triple Laundry Sorter doubles as both a sleek and exceptionally hardworking member of the laundry room (although the person in charge of the clothes piles may claim that title as well). The mobile cart features a rust-resistant chrome-plated tube steel frame with integrated end handles perched on high-traction, lockable swiveling rubber casters. Three removable white poly-cotton sorting bins hang from plastic-coated hooks, each with sturdy side handles for efficient, no-spills loading and unloading. The sorter measures approximately 31 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 33 inches high and comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

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