Four Compartment Micro Mesh Wash Bag Review

Four Compartment Micro Mesh Wash Bag
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The compartments are quite large - you could easily fit two bras in one compartment. They don't close very well, though, and I've found that after washing small things they will have moved from the compartment I put them into over to their neighbors. Kind of defeats the point of the bag to not have things rubbing on each other in the wash. The mesh on this bag is also very small, so after every load I have to wipe lint off it. It does make a good lint trap, but that's not what i bought it for.
Overall, it's good enough, but I wouldn't buy this one again.

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The wash bag features interior dividers to separate items so your delicates will never come out of the wash tangled and knotted. This Mesh Hosiery Stockings 4-Compartment Wash Bag - by Richards Homewares is great for washing your socks, stocking, hosiery and other delicates without damaging them and getting them all twisted up. It has four separate compartments for individual protection of each item.

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