Axis 781 Redi Ironing Board Review

Axis 781 Redi Ironing Board
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This is a great product! Very easy to use and takes only a limited amount of space in the laundry room. The only complaint I have is that the magnets aren't very strong and they came off fairly easy. Easily fixed by ordering new stronger rare earth magnets, now it is perfect for daily ironing.

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The Redi Board by Axis is the perfect small space solution for your ironing needs. Super strong magnets allow you to mount the board to the front of your washing machine, your refrigerator, or any flat metal surface. This ironing board is any apartment or condo owners dream-great for small business too where ironing or pressing is a must. The Redi Board stores completely flat, so it will remain out of your way, but ready to go when you are. Just the perfect height for ironing, your Redi Board can double as folding table too-giving you a great work station for folding clothes, or any chore where extra space would be appreciated. Fully assembled, your Redi Board is ready to go right out of the box...just lift up the board, pull out the leg and lock into place. So get organized. Get the Redi Board, and get the home storage solution that will keep your clothes wrinkle-free, and your home clutter-free.

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