LG : WM0642HW 27 Front Load Washing Machine with 7 Washing Programs Review

LG : WM0642HW 27 Front Load Washing Machine with 7 Washing Programs
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This washer is just phenomenal! It cleans VERY well, even in my hard well water. It's very quiet, only producing what some may deem objectionable amounts of noise during the spin cycle, which operates at an incredible 1200 RPM to extract every last bit of moisture possible out of the clothes before you get them out of the washer, which makes your drying of the clothes far more efficient, as the drying time is shortened so much. I've noticed a significant savings in gas usage (drying and hot water) since purchasing this machine.
The machine has to be EXTREMELY level, easy to take care of if you use eight (yes, EIGHT) little levels. Each corner has two sides, so it's easiest to level the machine with one on each side of each corner. You can find cheap ones at the dollar store or bargain bins that work just fine for this purpose.
This washer will wash an overstuffed King-sized down comforter easily. I can even fit the cover in with it.
It has many features, including on-board water heater (essential when dealing with as little water as these machines use, to keep the temperature up), "sanitary" (super-hot water) cycle, pre-wash, and many others. You can even set up custom programs.
The minor gripes: Pre-wash cycle has to have powder put in the compartments, as liquid just drains right into the washer. Cycle times are longer than a top-loader, but the capacity of this thing makes up for that...it's just another of the things to get used to vs. a top-loader. The "cute chime" signalling finished laundry is too quiet to hear on any floor but the one the washer's on. No biggie - the estimated time to finish is usually dead-on unless you get an unbalanced load, which doesn't happen often. Less often, in fact, than my old top-loader.
To ALL who experience problems with smell: LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN BETWEEN USES! This is stated very clearly in the owner's manual. I've NEVER had a problem with mildew odor, and I simply leave the door open every time. It's just one of those things to get used to with a front-loader vs. a top-loader.
Also, the torque this thing puts out may strain a floor that isn't specially reinforced to handle the power of this machine, so it's recommended only on cement (I have carpeted cement where mine is located) or specially reinforced flooring. Many people would do well to make note that this is NOT a conventional top-loader!
A reminder: front-loaders require H.e. detergent, or a VERY SMALL amount of regular. H.e. compatible detergents like that one "Signature" Powder work just fine.
All in all, I love this machine! (I can't believe I'm saying that about a laundry machine...)

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XL Load Capacity with NeveRust Stainless Steel Drum (3.83 cu.ft. IEC): The spacious 3.83 cu.ft. (IEC) capacity means fewer loads, and more energy and water savings.
Direct Drive Motor for the ultimate in durability and reliability: Direct Drive motor operates without belts or pulleys, thereby reducing operating sounds and vibration. The advanced design results in highly efficient, durable and quiet operation.
TilTub is designed with a 10 tilt for easy reach of clothing in the rear of the drum.
1200 RPM powerful spin for efficient water extraction.
SenseClean System for intelligent fabric care, water and energy efficiency: The water level and wash time are set automatically based on the weight and size of each load for optimal washing care and water and energy efficiency.
7 Washing Programs.
6 Temperature Levels.
RollerJets and Forced Water Circulation.
Delay Wash by 12 hours for washing convenience.
Custom Program.
Upfront Electronic Control Panel with Dial-A-Cycle: Preset cycle selections provide worry-free settings for optimal fabric care. You can also save your favorite cycle preferences using the Custom Program feature.
Large Chrome Rimmed Door with Clear Glass.
Stackable with Matching Dryer DLE0442 or DLG0452.
LoDecibel Quiet Operation: Washers feature advanced technology that makes them some of the quietest on the market today.
Highly Energy and Water Efficient.
Capacity: IEC 3.83 cu.ft.
Dimensions: (WxHxD in): 27 x 44 x 29-1/2
Weight(lbs): (Net/Gross) 190 / 216

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