CapRack18 - Baseball Cap Holder (Black) (76.5"H x 1"W x 0.2"D) Review

CapRack18 - Baseball Cap Holder (Black) (76.5H x 1W x 0.2D)
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Take note that CapRack18 is DIFFERENT from CapRack18 System. CapRack18 works just like hooks,and is better when hung over the door(will be limp when used on a rod), while CapRack18 System uses clips and is ok when hung on a closet rod. Nevertheless, they are both from PerfectCurve.
I wanted to buy the one with clips. Initially, I found CapRack36 System, I realized I don't need 36 so looked for 18. I didn't notice that I actually chose/bought CapRack18(without clips). I was a bit disappointed when the package arrived. Anyhow, the lesson learned is pay attention.
A few weeks later, I found a similar item(with clips) in Walmart. The label in the package says it's a Mainstays product. But if you read the product insert(fine print), it is also made by PerfectCurve. And you don't have to pay shipping ...

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The CapRack18 is the ideal way to store a multitude of baseball and sport caps. The ingenious two row style CapRack 18 holds 18 caps. Each hook holds one cap. The caps face front, so you can show your pride in your home team - even when you're not at the game. The CapRack 18 prevents caps from getting crushed, or losing their shape. Each row of the CapRack 18 can be hung over a door (it fits both residential (1.5" thick and commercial 1.75" thick doors), over a closet rod or hung from a hook in the ceiling. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required.

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